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Lucky Thai Money Amulet
Lucky Thai Money Amulet
Lucky Thai Money Amulet

Lucky Thai Money Amulet

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Premium High Grade Stainless Steel Chain Necklace Money Amulet

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Product details:

Quality: Premium High Quality Brass

Size: 30mm x 1.8mm

Can be store in your wallet or wear as Necklace

Meaning: Attract the positive Energy and bring wealth to its owner

Brings luck and wealth in life, helps its owner attract many opportunities and luck in business .


Build a good career with the help of the amulet, its owner can have abundance of luck and wealth through all life, give luck and well-being to the family.

How to Properly Care for your Money Amulet

If you want the Money Amulet’s strength to serve you for a long time, you need to accord it special care. It is a very powerful tool with a special power that should not be taken for granted.

Below are some few recommendations on how to properly care for your Money Amulet so that it does not lose its strength.

  • Store it special materials – You need to keep in a clean purse, wallet or your pockets where nobody can access it.
  • Keep it clean – Whether you are keeping it in your purse, pocket, wallet or wrapping in fabric and leather or hanging it in your neck, make sure that it is in a clean place. It's normal for the amulet to change its color because of the metal through time due to wear and tear.
  • Be patient with it – The amulet takes time to unleash its power and you need to be patient with it. If you give up too soon and start keeping it carelessly, you might not get the result you are looking for.
  • Protect it from thieves – When your amulet starts working, people will notice. When you start being rich and they identify the source of your success, they might try to steal the amulet from you and keep it for themselves. 
  • Never abandon your Money Amulet – You should always keep the money amulet in your person. Regularly charge it using your one energy and talk to it constantly regarding your desires.

Initially Blessed and Cleansed

Our products are blessed by Monk. We do not sell products that are not effective.

Here is what you should do:

  • It is recommended that you charge at night.
  • Light three white candles in the room where you will be performing the ritual. Comfortably and deeply speak your desires.
  • Summon your mental energy and think deeply about what you desire. 
  • Believe within yourself that the Money Amulet has the power to fulfill your desires and lead you to financial prosperity.
  • Gently place it on a red piece of cloth and take it to an open window so that the moonlight can illuminate it.
  • Say your own prayer so that the Amulet receives its true power that will enable it to attract massive wealth.
  • Finally, carefully cover the Amulet in soft fabric (Lucky Red Pouch included) and place it under your pillow before going to sleep.

Remember that the Money amulet is your personal property. Don’t show it to strangers or talk about it in their presence.

If financial problems keeps on bothering you then money amulet is what you need.

Money Amulet is the coin that will attract luck to your life. It is the most powerful money amulet and even protects you from negative energy and keeps you from bad luck.

What you will received Door to Door via Cash On Delivery

  • 1 Pc Premium High Grade Stainless Steel Chain Necklace Money Amulet


  • 1 Lucky Red Cloth Pouch
  • 1 Gift Box
  • 1 Pc Lucky Red String Bracelet
  • 1 Pc Waxed Thread
  • 3 Pcs Lucky Ancient Chinese Coins
  • FREE SHIPPING Nationwide

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